Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What girl doesn't love a hot a new bikini?! I should say what avatar wouldn't? LOL! No dieting required to wear a hot skimpy bikini in SL, what could be better then that? Woot!

Here is a truly HOT HOT HOT sexy bikini by Sassy Nitely, Sas-it-Up.

Be on the prowl wearing her hot new Leopard print halter bikini.
RWAR! Look at that high shine quality! ~*~WHOA!~*~

This bikini will have all the male avi's breaking their pixel necks!

This bikini looks hot paired with BAX COEN super cool leopard bracelet!

Here is another of my fav's of Sassy Nitely's bikini's... This is her Hot Zebra Bikini, the hot pink with the zebra print just made me faint!

What could be more perfect then that?!

Check out the ADORABLE sexy bows.
All the men will be a puddle of pixels if you walk by wearing this hot bikini!

Got a beach party to go to? Or a club on the beach? Here is the perfect sexy outfit to wear! Sassy has done it again with her newest addition called Tropic Mixer Bikini & Outfit. Have fun in the sun & sand in the cute as heck bikini, then pop on the matching skirt and get down in the club!

OMG! The flowers for your hair come with it too, to complete your very hot beachy look.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Every week I will be posting a fab freebie find!

From FrEaKy to FaBuLoUs , freebies sometimes can be great and so fun to share.
This week I would like to introduce a fun & snazzy lil shop in the sky called DJUNK (click to TP). There you can find lots of things from cool hip purses to down right freaky skin. Even sit and rest on a giant Cup o' Joe!

Without further ado, meet my bff Lyla Zanzibar...

She will be helping me out every week with my Fab Freebies. Lyla looks 2 cute in this DJUNK Tarvike top in green, black Blow-Up skirt DJUNK Star Socks in Grrreen and ZHAO shoes.

DJUNK also has cute lil dresses:

Glitter is wearing DJUNK Candy Skull dress with the matching adorable mini hat. Lyla is wearing the sexy Djunk Ribbon dress with a trendy & cute DJUNK Easy purse.